Experiential Online Learning

Mindfulness Meditation Centers offers a deeply experiential and comprehensive online learning program that teaches the heart of Buddhist philosophy and meditation. Our offerings were created to make these comprehensive, accessible Buddhist teachings available to everyone everywhere.

Our Fully Interactive Liberation Training Program Includes:

  • Weekly live classes through our virtual Live Online Zoom classroom, that each have a teaching, question and answer, contemplation and guided meditation component. Each lecture is instructed by Michael Gregory, former Buddhist Monk and Executive Director of Mindfulness Meditation Centers.
  • Supplemented written Material, quizzes and class notes that support classes.
  • Thousands of HD recorded classes and retreats available in our video library.
  • Progressive learning, each course builds upon the other, from foundational to advanced practices with study and meditation components.
  • Fully online and accessible, you may join us from anywhere at anytime, and follow along with classes at your own pace.
  • Thousands of recorded classes and retreats available to you in our video library in HD.
  • All courses are available for audit for those who wish to participate in our programs and not engage in teacher training.
  • A 6 year formal study teacher training program, that condenses the essence of a monastic education with the states goal of training the next generation of Buddhist teachers across the world.
  • We mirror the traditional training one would receive in an Asian Monastery without the language barriers and cultural trappings.
  • Our study program has condensed the essence of the The School of the Elders (Theravada) and the 5 Great Books of The Great Vehicle of Buddhism (Mahayana) into a series of 18 Liberation Training Courses.
  • Michael Gregory will teach these courses live through our Live Online Zoom classroom from in Colorado, California and Florida over a period of six years.  You can pursue a comprehensive Buddhist education wherever you are, and at your own pace and commitment level from from the foundations all the way to the most advanced levels of philosophy and practice.
  • All MMC courses and programs are offered at no prescribed cost and by generosity - donation only, as we wish to make our programs available to all.

Teacher Training Program

Mindfulness Meditation Centers offers an 18 Course Liberation Training Program that condenses the essence of a monastic education into a series of Liberation Training Courses with the stated goal of training the next generation of Buddhist teachers. The Courses may also be audited for those who wish to participate, but not engage, in the teacher training.

The program may be started at anytime, at your own pace, through our online learning program. All classes, written materials, quizzes and notes are provided. A certificate of completion is provided, as you complete each course.

The teachers that MMC has trained during the last eighteen years continue to share and offer classes and retreats to a wide audience. Teachings are offered by wise, compassionate and experienced teachers that provide the very pith of ancient teachings in a modern language and context, free of the trappings of cultural and language barriers. Teachings are given in such a way that you can bring mindfulness into your life in practical and transformative ways, bringing greater joy, serenity and purpose to life.

Teachers receive a personalized meditation instructor who will offer weekly calls and email support.

Courses may be audited or you may join our teacher training program.

The teacher training program is offered at no prescribed cost by donation - generosity only. We simply ask that you give according to your means and conscience.

An Introduction To Mindfulness Meditation

Course 1 is a Six Week Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation and offers a contemplative and compassionate journey in observing how your mind both creates and reacts to it's own reality.

Discover both how to watch this unfolding mental and emotional process non reactively and how to respond with heart, skill and wisdom. This course will be taught by Michael Gregory,  Former Buddhist Monk, Retreat Master and Executive Director of Mindfulness Meditation Centers.

The course includes weekly classes, guided meditation, written material, exercises and reflections for bringing the practice into your daily life.

Click Here to Register for Course 1 :  An Introduction to Mindfulness

We look forward to you joining us on this contemplative and compassionate path.

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Course Topics

The following topics will be taught over the next six years and recorded in high resolution. The course topics will become links when they are available for enrollment. Click on the course you'd like to enroll in below:

COURSE 1: Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation

COURSE 2: Illuminating the Path to Enlightenment The Stages to Enlightenment (Lam Rim)

COURSE 3: The Ornament of Clear Realization - step by step instructions on realizing emptiness, the ultimate nature of reality

COURSE 4: Proof of Past and Future Lives

COURSE 5: Advanced Buddhist Meditation Training:

COURSE 6: The Beautiful Way of Life:

COURSE 7: The Bodhisattva Vow - The Practices of A Bodhisattva

COURSE 8: The Diamond Sutra

The three month Buddhist teaching on the Diamond Sutra will begin January 14th, 2020 from 7-9pm EST. You may participate in person by coming to the Vajragarbha retreat center in Palmetto, Florida or by participating online in real time, or by watching the recorded video sessions.

COURSE 9: A Guide to the Bodhisattva’s Way of Life, Middle-Way Philosophy (Madhyamika Prasangika)

COURSE 10: A Guide to the Bodhisattva’s Way of Life, Part II Middle-Way Philosophy (Madhyamika Prasangika)

COURSE 11: A Guide to the Bodhisattva’s Way of Life, Part III Middle-Way Philosophy (Madhyamika Prasangika)

COURSE 12: Advanced Meditation: Distilling The Essence of Mind (Mahamudra and Dzogchen)

COURSE 13: Lojong, Developing the Good Heart

COURSE 14: The Path From Realization to Enlightenment (The Abhisamayalamkara)

COURSE 15: Teacher Training: Review of Courses 1-5

COURSE 16: Teacher Training: Review of Courses 6-10

COURSE 17: Review of Courses 11-14

Frequently Asked Questions:

A: As with all MMC programs, this course is offered by generosity only. That means there is no fee, but there will be a donation button on the course’s website if you wish to offer support for the teachers and the program. This is available due to the sustained membership of the larger MMC community. When you register for the course you will be given the option to make a donation.