April, 2008: Life Before Death (The Guardian)

Dec 6, 2012: Think Yourself Well (The Economist)

 Aug 7, 2011: 3 activities to help you stress less

(by KRISTINE NICKEL, from Sarasota HeraldTribune)

Oct, 2007: SDC Founder returns from India to conduct retreats

(by Leslie Brefeld, from Summit Daily News)

Sept, 2005: Searching for Shamatha in Summit

(by Andrew Tolve, from Summit Daily News)

Spring, 2004: Rumtek Monastery Gets a New Neighbor, the Summit Dharma Center Retreat Center

(by Eric Vienneau, from Snow Lion Publications)

October, 2002: Journeys: Peace, Calm then Thwack!

(by Clifton Leap, from New York Times)

2000 (?): Wake Up! Buddhism and Gnosticism in the Matrix

(by Francis Flannery-Bailey & Rachel Warner)