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Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation:

This course is a six-week Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation. It offers a contemplative and compassionate journey in observing how your mind both creates and reacts to it's own reality. Discover both how to watch this unfolding mental and emotional process non reactively and how to respond with heart, skill and wisdom. This course will be taught by Michael Gregory,  Former Buddhist Monk, Retreat Master and Executive Director of Mindfulness Meditation Centers.

The Course Includes:

  • 6 lectures on Mindfulness Meditation taught by Michael Gregory, that include a teaching, contemplation and guided meditation.
  • The course material is recorded and available for download so it can be done at any time. This course can be watched now in our HD Video Library.
  • Written material, quizzes, exercises and reflections for bringing the practice into daily life.
  • Personal meditation instructors are provided to those enrolled in our teacher training program and offer weekly mentoring and email support for meditation practice.
  • Notes, homework, and meditations can be downloaded from the individual classes.
  • Access to over a thousand videos and retreats on Buddhism that can be watched at anytime.
  • Upon completing the course you will receive certificate of completion and are welcome to continue with our program or enroll in teacher training.

The course may also be Audited without personal teacher support.

If you choose to register for teacher support, please take this commitment seriously: a volunteer experienced meditator will be reserving weekly time for you.

About Your Teacher 

Michael Gregory has been with the Executive Director of Summit Dharma Center/Mindfulness Meditation Center community since its inception in 2000. He has been actively practicing Buddhism and meditation for more than twenty five years.

Michael has joyfully instructed a continuous stream of educated and experienced practitioners of all levels and backgrounds in Thailand, India and America. He has led hundreds of meditation retreats on almost every subject matter related to Dharma, in addition to leading meditative pilgrimmages throughout Thailand, Tibet, Bhutan, Nepal, and India - further connecting students and friends with their studies and practice. Michael currently directs the practicing and teaching schedule at Mindfulness Meditation Centers, SDC Colorado and Florida centers.

Michael was ordained as a monk in the Thai forest tradition, the Burmese Mahasi tradition, and then was ordained in the Tibetan tradition by H.E. Gylatsab Rinpoche at Rumtek monastery in Sikkim. He has practiced in the Thai forest tradition of Ajahn Chah, the Anapanasati tradition of Buddhadassa Bhikku, and the jhana traditions of Mahasi Sayadaw and Pa Auk, as well as extensive experience in the Tibetan tradition.

Michael is well known for his direct and powerful teaching style stressing insight (vipasanna) and focused attention (jhana) and non-dual meditation practices (Mahamudra and Dzogchen). The Four Immeasurables of Equanimity, Loving-Kindness, Compassion and Joy and their practical, pragmatic application in daily life are also emphasized. His teaching style de-centralizes the role of a guru, institutional spirituality, as well as the usage of rites and rituals. He encourages every being to empower themselves by finding the pure and unlimited potential of this very moment.

Module 1 Mindfulness of Breathing
Unit 1 COURSE 1: Class 1
Module 2 Mindfulness of the Body
Unit 1 COURSE 1: Class 2
Module 3 Mindfulness of Emotions/Mental States
Unit 1 COURSE 1: Class 3
Module 4 Mindfulness of Thoughts and Thinking
Unit 1 COURSE 1: Class 4
Module 5 Mindfulness of Mind
Unit 1 COURSE 1: Class 5
Module 6 Mindfulness in Everyday Life
Unit 1 COURSE 1: Class 6
Module 7 COURSE 1: Final Quiz
Unit 1 COURSE 1: Final
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