Illuminating the Path to Enlightenment The Stages to Enlightenment (Lam Rim):

The Stages to Enlightenment Course is an excellent overview of the entire Buddhist path; all subsequent classes elaborate upon the ideas presented in this course as a part of our Mindfulness Teacher Training Program.

You may join us at any time and you will not be too far behind as this is a foundational level series; however, each class does indeed build from the previous meeting. It would be preferable if you would review the preceding course, but not necessary.

This Course is based upon the ancient Buddhist method to attain Awakening brought from India to Tibet almost 1000 years ago by the Indian Master Atisha with modern commentary by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.


Topics include:

  • what is a qualified teacher and student;
  • how to take a teacher;
  • what is Buddha nature;
  • what is authentic Dharma;
  • what is samsara and renunciation;
  • the principles of karma;
  • the problems of human life;
  • compassion and its benefits;
  • how to generate compassion;
  • the two levels of reality;
  • what is the correct view of emptiness, according to each of the four schools of thought;
  • the relationship between karma and emptiness.
We will be using the text "Illuminating the Path To Enlightenment" by The Dalai Lama

This course was offered through our live interactive online classroom Zoom every Tuesday at 7pm EST with Michael Gregory and can be watched now in our HD Video Library. There are class quizzes and course notes provided.

Module 1 Understanding Enlightenment Through Bodhicitta, Renunciation, Karma
Unit 1 COURSE 2: Class 1
Module 2 Enlightenment - What it is, How to Get There
Unit 1 COURSE 2: Class 2
Module 3 The Qualities of a Dharma Teacher or Spiritual Friend
Unit 1 COURSE 2: Class 3
Module 4 The Qualities of an Ideal Student and Authentic Dharma
Unit 1 COURSE 2: Class 4
Module 5 Four Thoughts That Turn The Mind to Dharma
Unit 1 COURSE 2: Class 5
Module 6 Dependent Co-Arising
Unit 1 COURSE 2: Class 6
Module 7 Bodhicitta and Emptiness
Unit 1 COURSE 2: Class 7
Module 8 Seven Limb Prayer
Unit 1 COURSE 2: Class 8
Module 9 The Correct View of Emptiness
Unit 1 COURSE 2: Class 9
Module 10 Karma and Emptiness
Unit 1 COURSE 2: Class 10
Module 11 Final
Unit 1 COURSE 2: Review & Final
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