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The Teachings

Mindfulness Meditation Center teachers have offered hundreds of Dharma teachings in Colorado since 2001.

Many of these are now available to listen here on our site.

How to Listen to the Audio Teachings


Accessing the teachings is easy! Simply click on the play_button icon next to each title. Audio can now be played on any device: PC, Mac, iPads, tablets, and all smartphones!


The teachings are always given in a particular order. The tabs at the top of the page list the teachings by category (Foundational, Intermediate, Advanced, Retreat, and Other).

The following list is a good starting order for listening to the teachings:

  1. Foundations of Buddhism Series
  2. Principal Teachings of Buddhism
  3. Buddhist Refuge
  4. Applied Meditation
  5. Atisha's Lamp on the Path to Enlightenment
  6. Distinguishing Consciousness From Wisdom

How Karma Works and Proofs of Future Lives are good follow-on topics, since they cover more intermediate material and assume you are familar with the basics. There are also various retreat recordings you may be interested in as well.

Click here to go to the Foundational Teachings I page. (through August 2015)

Click here to go to the Foundational Teachings II page. (August 2015 and later)

Click here to go to the:

By entering the Advanced section you'll have access to:

  • Mahamudra Preliminaries
  • Dzogchen Instructions
  • Mahamudra Lecture Series
  • Ngondro
  • Tantric Practice
  • Simple Tummo Instructions
  • Advanced Tummo Instructions
  • Bardo and Illusory Body Teachings
  • Dream Yoga Retreats
  • Retreat - Brief Mahamudra Instructions
  • Deeper than Emptiness: Karma

Please contact us to receive instructions on how to get access to these teachings.

If you already have access, please sign in, then choose which page to go to:

Due to copyright infringement and use of material without consent, access to the retreat teachings audio has been indefinitely suspended. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.