Have you ever sat still with your eyes closed and simply but deliberately watched the movement of your own thinking?

Have you ever watched your mind working? Not the content of the thinking, rather just your mind itself in operation? Let me show you the most amazing thing you’ll ever experience - where every detail and the entirety of your world comes from...

Try this... Imagine a flower - just try and watch exactly where the flower comes from as you imagine...watch the subtle change in emotion and the sensations correlated with the imagining of this beautiful image that in reality exists nowhere except within and as your own construction... Watch your mind just to see how it responded to this suggestion...

Do you know this is how every moment of your entire life has been? Every moment has been just Ike this - imagining, constructing, and then emoting and feeling and wondering about your own imaginings.. Go deeper and see if you can notice the awareness watching this movement...

This goes against your training, your education, your culture that tells you that the world is real, solid and material and that you are reacting to an objective world with your thoughts, emotions, speech and actions. This instruction informs you that all along you have been unconsciously reacting to your own fabrications at every level.

Accept yourself now as you are....which is to say the Awareness that watches and enjoys the play of the mind - an eternal production with a never-ending cast of characters all of which are interrelated and playing their parts perfectly.

Your entire life you have been instructed to make your life better, to become something different, to want more pleasure, gain, to be praised and to be known. Has anyone ever shown you that you are perfect as you are?

When you forget and follow your stories and dramas and believe them to be real, simply allow your attention to come back to itself - return to pure awareness. That experience is peace itself. Come home to Awareness - it is an act of ultimate love and compassion.

- Michael Gregory @mindmichael

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