Phillip Hedrick

Phillip spent the earlier part of his life in various communities around Colorado's Rocky Mountains. Phillip developed a practice in the tradition of Zen Buddhism in 1999 while studying at the University of Art and Design in Kyoto Japan. During this period of his life, he co-founded a very successful garden design business in the Roaring Fork Valley. He continued his studies and was introduced to Tibetan Buddhism in 2001 thru Summit Dharma Center.

He finds the practice of mindfully centered awareness to be an amazing counter point to his former mode of being. As a gentle giant, Phillip glows with love and kindness and enjoys bringing joy to others as he is able. He recognizes the blessings of his life and his primary concern is to be of assistance to others.

His dedication has led him to do pilgrimages to the holy sites of Tibet, Bhutan, India and Thailand. He also completed several 10 day Vipasanna retreats and 30 day silent retreats before spending some 3 years primarily focused on deep retreat in Thailand and the Himalaya region. He owns Escape Garden Design Company in Aspen, Colorado.

Phillip enjoys finding ways to apply the Buddha's teachings to everyday life. He has been married to his wife, Jill for over 40 years and has children and grandchildren; lovingly integrating his spiritual life with a householder's responsibilities. Phillip is known and well-received for his heartfelt presence and clear Dharma teaching, as well as a profound dedication to his practice.