Wise Heart: Transforming Your Relationship To Emotional Pain – CO

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Date(s) - August 10th – August 12th
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Seminal Teachings of the Buddha—Foundational Series Retreat

Retreat Two: Mastering The Second Foundation of Mindfulness—Vedana–Secrets Of Feelings

with Phillip Hedrick, Senior Dharma Instructor for Mindfulness Meditation Centers August 10-12, 2018 • Colorado Retreat Center

Now we have begun our exploration of the first foundation of mindfulness, secrets of kaya or flesh-body and breath-body, we can introduce ourselves to vedana – feelings. Feelings have the greatest power and influence over human beings; indeed, over all living things. We need to understand that the entire world, of animals, humans, all living beings, depend on the vedana. All are under the power of feelings. This seems unbelievable but let’s look in more detail.

Our entire species is forced by the vedana to do their bidding. When sukkha vedana (pleasant feeling tones) are present, we try to increase these feelings. These feelings always pull the mind in a certain direction and condition certain activities.

Dukkha vedana (unpleasant, disagreeable feelings) affect the mind and influence life in the opposite direction; the results are habitual responses. The mind struggles with these feelings, turning them into dukkha.

The entire world is under the command of these Vedana. Our minds are controlled by tanha (craving). Craving itself is first conditioned by feelings. Thus, the vedana have the strongest and most powerful influence over our entire mind.

In order to learn to be happy and at ease it is especially important to understand the secrets of the vedana. Throughout this retreat we will explore the mental conditions that create this power and how we can remove this habitual power and control our own happiness.

Through love and kindness for ourselves and all beings we will have the courage to directly examine our feelings and come to understand their nature truths.

This will be done with love, kindness, and compassion for ourselves and all beings. Please join us for this amazing journey into the Secrets of Life.

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