The Seminal Teachings of the Buddha: The Four Foundations of Mindfulness – FL

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Date(s) - July 27th – July 29th
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Seminal Teachings of the Buddha—Foundational Series Retreat

Retreat One: Dharma and the Secrets of Life with Phillip Hedrick, Senior Dharma Instructor for Mindfulness Meditation Centers

July 27-29, 2018, Palmetto Retreat Center

Dhamma has four aspects:

• Nature itself
• The law of Nature
• The duties that must be performed according to that law
• The fruits or benefits that arise from the performance of that duty

The practice of Dhamma is to investigate these truths within ourselves. Each of us has various natures compound- ed into a body, into a being. There is a natural law that controls these natures. According to these laws there are also duties that must be performed correctly. Lastly, there are the results of this activity; when done correctly they result in well-being, tranquility, and ease.

If performed incorrectly however, the result is dukkha: pain, unsatisfactoriness, anguish, frustration, suffering. When we have fully investigated these four meanings of nature, we will see that all life consists of these four aspects.

Anapannasatibhavana: this is the complete practice of taking each one of these truths, or realities, of nature and observing, investigating, and scrutinizing it in the mind with every inhalation and exhalation. Thus, mindfulness of breathing allows us to contemplate any important natural truth while breathing in and out.

There are four proper objects of contemplation:

• Secrets of Kaya – body
• Secrets of Vedana – feelings
• Secrets of Citta – mind
• Secrets of Dhamma – self and objects

These must be contemplated in this order, so our first study will be the first stage or examination of kaya – (breath-body and flesh-body).

This will be done with love, kindness, and compassion for ourselves and all beings. Please join us for this amazing journey into the Secrets of Life.

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