Christian Strachan

Originally from Washington, Christian moved to Colorado in the 90's and coincidentally began studying the Buddha Dharma through the Summit Dharma Center in 2002.

Having a B.S. in Physics, he finds the practice of mindful living, imbued with the attitudes of love, joy, peace and compassion to be a wonderful complement and challenge to his analytical side.

His earnest wish to embody Bodhicitta led him to become a monk in the Tibetan tradition in 2005. Taking robes facilitated his Buddhist pilgrimage and retreat in India, Burma, and Thailand. Christian has participated in multiple retreats of 30 and 90 days in length and has spent several years in deep retreat.

Christian rejoined the lay community in 2007 and he has shared his experiences formally as a teacher of Dharma since that time and while on retreat in India and Thailand.

Having been a tech type, an English teacher and a business person, Christian enjoys the challenges of maintaining a high level of mindfulness and embodying the values of Buddhist philosophy in everyday situations. He enjoys sharing his outlook and practice with others and assisting them to reduce their suffering.

Five people call Christian "Uncle." He enjoys photography, is an avid outdoorsman and loves to travel. Currently, Christian is working as a radiation therapist at a regional cancer center in Grand Junction, CO.