January 29, 2019

To: The Mindfulness Meditation Centers Community, Students and Members,

From: Michael Gregory, Founder of MMC and the 2019 MMC Board of Directors

Dear members of the MMC community,

   Warm greetings to each of you, whether you are a member with decades of being with us, or if you are part of the recent growth of our sangha. We are delighted and grateful for your presence. This letter is a brief update of organizational matters. It is our intention to maintain clear and consistent communication within the sangha.

   There have been many changes recently in our community, how it looks and how it interacts. And more change is likely to arrive. One thing has not changed - the mission of MMC remains the realization of all beings, for the benefit and happiness of all. To support that mission, it is the goal of MMC to build and sustain a community committed to the practice of realization.

   After more than twenty years of building the MMC community and leading it through all stages of its growth and development, Michael Gregory is stepping back from administrative duties. This change will permit him to focus his attention at its highest use - teaching, writing, guiding retreatants. And he will continue leading the educational/ teacher training - content and modules. The changes in the administrative structure of MMC will create a container to minimize demands on his time away from these core concerns. Michael's devotion has been unbounded in the past decades. The community as a whole expresses it gratitude to him by the devoted practice of each of us, and by our efforts to maintain the vitality of MMC. Fortunately Michael remains close-by, and will serve the MMC Board in an advisory role!

   Building a stable community requires an organizational framework that is not reliant on a single person, but is self-sustaining. To that end, MMC has taken some first steps. A group of committees, from Maintenance to Technology to Marketing, has developed, as needs arose. These committees will be formalized, with committee heads, regular meetings and communication of their work to the community. Additional committees may be formed as new needs rise.

   To oversee and direct the work of the committees, MMC has created a new Board of Directors. These individuals, all experienced and dedicated members and meditators, will be responsible for facilitating the business side of our expanding community. The Board will serve as a public face of the community when needed and will expedite communication within the community. Current members include Christian Strachan, Elizabeth Leahy, Rose Costello, and Davita Moodley, Additional board positions and members may be added.

   The ongoing stability of the organization of MMC depends on a transparent and reliable financial structure. Going forward, the accounting and bookkeeping functions will be handled by an outside firm hired by MMC. This work has been done by volunteers in the past, Linda Gregory for a very long time and more recently, Theresa Sullivan. Warm thanks to both for their dedicated service.

With deep gratitude for your practice and your commitment -


Christian, Elizabeth, Rose, Davita and Michael