Retreat Calendar

You can also download our 2019 retreat calendar by clicking here.

As our beautiful new MMC website is being worked on, here is the available retreat schedule information-to-date for those who need to plan ahead. Please watch for specific information on the Denver Weekend Retreat February 7-9 and the March 6-16 10-Day retreat in California which will be coming out soon.
  1. January 25 Art as Meditation (see previous email).
  2. February 7-9 Great Perfection Mind Training, Michael Gregory, Denver Colorado.
  3. February 15 TBD.
  4. February 22 The Lion's Roar: Transcending Fear, Michael Gregory, Los Angeles California.
  5. February 23 The Heart of Loving Kindness, Michael Gregory, San Diego California.
  6. March 6-16 The Basic Space of Phenomena, Michael Gregory, Julian California.
  7. March 21 Heart of Clear Compassion, Adam Caron, Palmetto Florida.
  8. April 4 Courage to Create, Rose Costello, Zoom only.
  9. April 17-19 Dying and Awakening, Michael Gregory, Colorado.
  10. April 25 Awakening to Conscious Relationship, Davita Moodley, California.
  11. May 2-3 Compassionate Liberation, Michael Gregory, Colorado.
  12. May 15-June13 Tantra, Michael Gregory, Julian California.