Led this evening by Michael Gregory, St. Petersburg 6-8pm. Tomorrow night in Sarasota 6-8 and Wednesday in Tampa 6:30-8:30. All are warmly welcome regardless of political affiliation or spiritual tradition to open your heart, meditate, and learn to responsibly be at peace with yourself and others. Discover deep acceptance regardless of personal fears, hopes, expectations, anxieties, conflicts, or outcomes. We are in this together. No Anger. No Stress. No Fear. Return again and again to your good heart.❤️

Beginning this evening and continuing through January, 2017, classes will be completely focused on practices of loving/kindness and compassion. Michael Gregory will offer special heartfelt, elegant and sacred instructions that were privately shared with him by his root teacher. The sacred instruction will culminate in late January with a ceremonial offering of the Bodhisattva Vow, which is a commitment to help all sentient beings until the end of suffering.

Classes will focus on giving up on the primary historical enemy of love and compassion: egotistical self-interest. There is nothing from which the world could profit more from than for each of us to try and release self-cherishing. A person who no longer thinks in terms of winning and losing is truly a non-violent person since he/she will remain above all conflict.

Live in person on Facebook at 10:30 EST (Sundays)
Free to Members, Non-members $15 recommended donation

In Sarasota at 3840 S Osprey Avenue
(Prana Yoga Studio)
(Enter around the back of building, please)

Live classes with Michael 6-8pm Monday's in St. Pete at 222 2nd St N., Tuesday evenings 6-8pm at Prana in Sarasota, and Wednesdays live and on-line 6:30-8:30 pm from the Centre for Women 305 S. Hyde Park. Monthly retreats live and online from the Ellenton/Palmetto retreat center.

For more info and/ or to schedule sessions with Michael, Davita or any of the other excellent counselors at Beyond Therapy or to attend classes at Mindfulness Meditation Centers:

Mindfulness Based. Wise and Inspired Counseling. In person, by phone, or Skype: 941.416.1890 or michael@mbsgroup.org

We return for counseling, classes and retreats beginning Sunday November 6th.

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