Dzogchen and Dependent Co-Arising – Led by Michael Gregory – FL

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Date(s) - October 12th – October 21st
All Day


10-Day Meditation Retreat:
Dzogchen and Dependent Co-Arising

Instructed by Michael Gregory, former Buddhist Monk and
Executive Director of Mindfulness Meditation Centers
Palmetto, Florida Retreat Center—October 12-21, 2018 • Starts Friday, 4:30 PM

The Buddha taught the 4 Noble Truths which are, 1) The Noble Truth of Suffering, 2) The Noble Truth of the Cause of Suffering, 3) The Noble Truth of the Cessation of Suffering, 4) The Noble Truth of the Way to the Cessation of Suffering.

We can experience these truths, which lie at the heart of the Buddha’s teachings, through direct experience. They can be viewed as 1) Diagnosis of an illness, 2) Prognosis, 3) Recovery, 4) Medicine to cure the disease. The first two truths deal with the way things are, the last two, point the way to the freedom from suffering.

In this retreat we will deeply explore the Second Noble Truth, The Noble Cause of Suffering.  The principal teaching of Buddhism: Dependent Co-Arising, as usually presented, consists of 12 steps describing how ignorance leads through attachment, to suffering. Since suffering frequently leads to further ignorance when we try to escape from it by means other than cutting the roots of attachment, the 12 steps become a circular chain or web, tending to bind us ever more tightly to the wheel of birth and death.

Through a lack of understanding of how things truly exist, we create and re-create an independent self entity called “me.” The totality of our life experience is viewed through this sense of self. Governing our conduct are various cravings arising for sense experiences, for “being” or “becoming”rich, famous, loved, respected, desired, etc. All our efforts are geared to avoiding unpleasant, as we seek pleasant. These cravings are the root cause of suffering.

Join us for a very special offering in which the meditator will be instructed in how to apply the most esteemed practice in Buddhism to the intricacies of the Illusion (Maya) that is the appearance of this world and the detailed mechanics of how to free ourselves from unnecessary suffering

Located just outside of Sarasota, Florida.

The cost is by generosity–only for MMC members and includes meditation instruction by Michael Gregory, vegetarian food and housing. There will also be a one hour question and answer period offered on most days. No telephone, internet contact, music or outside reading materials are permitted. Alcohol, illicit drugs and sexual contact are also prohibited to maintain the sanctity and wholesomeness of this profound inner exploration.

Important Enrollment Notes

Enrollment for all retreatants is by permission of the instructor. Space is limited and you must sign up to ensure your participation. You may sign up for the 10-Day DCA meditation retreat by Contacting Us. Attendance in Florida: Jenny Laws, •Payment for retreats is on a donation-only basis. Your generosity is critically important, and enables MMC to continue its mission to provide teachings and support for our teachers and the necessary technology for the distribution of the dharma.

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