The Essence of Buddhism with Michael Gregory – CO

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Date(s) - February 23rd – February 25th
All Day


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Location and Directions, see below.

A clear and concise explanation of the teachings, meditations and philosophies of the three main
schools of Buddhism: Theravada, Mahayana, and Tantra.

This comprehensive guide to the Buddhist path is as accessible as it is complete. Michael will break
the teachings down conveniently into the three traditional “vehicles,” while never letting us forget the
essential point of all—the Dharma is nothing other than insight into the mind and heart.

Along the way, his teachings will provide a vivid, living definition of fundamental Buddhist concepts such
as compassion, emptiness, and Buddha-nature while answering common questions such as:

  • Why does Buddhism teach that there is “no self”?
  • Are Buddhist teachings pessimistic?
  • Does Buddhism encourage social passivity?
  • What is the role of sex in Buddhist tantra?
  • Why is it said that samsara is nirvana?
  • Does it take countless lifetimes to attain enlightenment, or can it be achieved in this very life?

The weekend will be interspersed with fundamental meditation practices from all lineages. There will be much time reserved for further answering of any questions that may arise for participants. All are welcome.

Retreat begins at 4:30pm Friday.

To register, please fill in the form to the right ->

Directions and Location

8695 W. Berry Ave, Denver CO 80123

From 6th Avenue east, exit Wadsworth and continue south. Same with 285 east. From 285 west, either continue to Wadsworth or take C-470 south to Bowles. The community room (it’s more community room than clubhouse) is right at Berry Ave.  Guest parking is available but limited.  There is plenty of street parking on Crestline. The community room is accessible from the street, so you actually don’t need a gate code.

Starting time.

This retreat starts at 4:30 on Friday night, set up time is at 3:30-4:00, so please try and arrive in time to get situated. The weather could be iffy, so it might be a good idea to plan in extra travel time.

What to Bring.

Please remember to bring along your own mat and cushion to sit on. We will have some mats/cushions and chairs available as well.

The weather could be cold and wintery, or warm, so dressing in layers is a good idea.  A shawl or blanket might be useful for classes and meditation sessions. Plan to bring along a pen and paper for taking notes, and a water bottle is nice to have too.

Week-end Schedule.

The schedule is attached to this email, and will be posted at the retreat too.

Those attending via Zoom

Please email me with your phone number so we can to do a group text with session start times.

Meal Organizing

We do our retreats potluck style, there’s a fridge, stove and oven and a set up area for food and coffee. Ideas could be green salads, pasta or grain salads, veggie trays with humus or dip, cheese & crackers, soups in crock pots etc. Think of things that don’t need fussing over or a lot of clean up, but can be put away in a fridge and served in their original containers. Right now there’s about 39 people signed up, you can use that as a starting point, but its also a changing number! If you make something to serve 10-12 thats plenty, since we have so many people contributing.  In our efforts to be green, please bring along your own plate/bowl/eating utensils, and if you have any extra’s it will help the folks that are flying in for the retreat.  The retreats are vegetarian, cheese and eggs are OK…vegan is a great option too.  It’s helpful to write the ingredients on a small piece of paper and place by your dish. If you are flying in, please don’t worry about  preparing or bringing food, however if you would like to contribute, something easy like a snack is fine. Below is the meal plan.

Denver-Friday Dinner

Evergreen-Saturday Dinner

Summit, Vail, Roaring Fork- Breakfast and Snacks

Sleeping Arrangements

I will send out a separate email with the sleeping accommodations if you requested staying with a sangha member.

If anyone has questions, please email me before the retreat, and I will be happy to help.

Peace, Avtar

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