Discovering the Secrets of Mind – Led by Phillip Hedrick – FL

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Date(s) - September 14th – September 16th
All Day


Seminal Teachings of the Buddha—Foundational Series Retreat

Retreat Three: Discovering the Secrets of Mind (Citta)

with Phillip Hedrick, Senior Dharma Instructor for Mindfulness Meditation Centers

September 28–30, 2018

—Colorado Retreat Center* —

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First we practice to know the secrets of kaya. Second we practice to know the secrets of the vedana. Then, after
mastering the first two practices or stages, we practice in order to know the secrets of the citta or mind. The
mind is the director and leader of life. The mind leads; the body is simply a tool that is led.
To master the mind we must understand it correctly. This requires a special study, because what we call mind is
very subtle and complex, also quite profound. Such a study is fully within our ability but requires a learned ability
to be well trained in sati, or mindfulness, this takes a special effort.

It is not possible to know the citta directly—that is, we can not touch it or make direct contact with it. How-
ever, it is possible to know the citta, through it’s thoughts. If we know thoughts we know mind. Like electricity, we can not know the phenomena in itself. Instead, we know electricity through its properties: current, voltage,
power and so on. So it is with citta.

We cannot directly experience it, but we can experience its properties, its various thoughts. We learn to ob-
serve these different thoughts; this is how we can discover the secrets of mind.

To know the secrets of your mind is to know the secrets of all mind.
Join us while we voyage through the space and time we call mind.
May bodhichitta arise in all sentient beings, may they know the secrets of mind.

This will be done with love, kindness, and compassion for ourselves and all beings.
Please join us for this amazing journey into the Secrets of Life.

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