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The Vehicle of the Result: Vajrayana (Tantrayana)*

An Overview of Creation & Completion

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Live, Florida Retreat Center  / Zoom Community

January 25–27, 2019

Submitted with infinite love and compassion to all, offered by Phillip Hedrick

*There are three titles that can apply, Vajrayana, Vajra Vehicle, and Vajra Vehicle of the Result.

They are the same and include two parts, method and results. Vehicle is the method and enlightenment is the result. This method brings the four purities: the enlightenment is the fruition of this purification. These are: complete purity of body, complete purity of place, complete purity of enjoyment, and complete purity of actions. These refer to complete purity of holy body, holy field, the holy enjoyment, and the holy actions

The retreat will include an introduction to the way to meditate that achieves the state of pure enlightenment.

We purify the place or field by visualizing it as the Mandala or pure realm, of the deity.

We purify our body by visualizing ourselves in the aspect of the holy body of the deity.

We purify the enjoyments, such as material possession, transforming them into the form of pure offerings.

We purify our actions by meditating on them as the aspect of the holy actions of Lord Buddha.

This path to enlightenment is practiced through meditations called Creation and Completion.

When the teachings speak of,  “the great illusory nature of samsara and nirvana”—one is introduced to the fact that
Buddhas and Bodhisattvas are beings who have mastered illusory appearances.

Phenomena display themselves like phantom apparitions, empty yet appearing. Understanding the manner in which the enlightened ones manifest helps to understand the illusory nature of all things within the worldly realms of samsara and nirvana.

The essence of mind is pointed out by these teachings as naked awareness, which actually refers to the unimpeded open transparency of the wisdom mind. While naked awareness is the nature of our minds, just having this nature is not enough; we need to actualize it for ourselves, within our own experience. It is for that purpose that we engage in the practice of Yidam Yoga.

Please join us for this fascinating overview of the enlightened path of creation and completion. We will offer teachings on the path, meditations of direct experience, question and answer for all levels of practice.

Throughout the retreat we will offer along with the teachings; meditations, and question & answer time.

Note:  All practitioners of MMC who wish to make a further commitment to their practice are required to have a minimum daily practice of 60 minutes, and feel they are ready to increase that commitment.

•For those MMC students wanting to expand their commitment to dharma by developing a Tantra practice of creation and completion, this retreat will be part of the requirements needed to join our Saturday morning program of Creation and Completion Stage Tantra.

*Enrollment for retreatants is open to all. Space is limited and you must sign up to ensure your participation. You may sign up for the The Vehicle of the Result: Vajrayana, by contacting the following MMC retreat coordinator.

Payment for retreats is on a donation only basis.  Your generosity is critically important, and enables MMC to continue its mission to provide teachings and support for our teachers and the necessary technology for the distribution of the dharma. All of the MMC retreats are also available via Zoom—by donation / generosity. To access the retreat on Zoom, please sign up with the retreat coordinator, (listed above), who will send you the login information.


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