Sue Carr

Sue Carr

Sue became deeply interested in her Christian path as a teenager and has experienced many of its different traditions; both conservative and progressive. This background heavily informs her path in dharma and she continues to find deep similarities as well as recognizing the significant differences between the two.

Sue’s career path has been just as varied as her spiritual one. In 1986 she moved to the mountains of Colorado and worked as a piano teacher, housekeeper, music director in two different churches, and church administrator. She was also married for nine years until her husband died in 2001 after and long battle with cancer.

Her spiritual curiosity led her to attend Dharma classes in Breckenridge starting in 2002 and several months later, came to a point where she realized that she had gone as far as she could on her Christian journey and it was time to say, ‘thank you, bless you, and good bye’. Eventually, she took vows as a Tibetan Buddhist nun and did several long term retreats, solo retreats and was blessed to teach meditation and dharma in Vail and the local county jail in Colorado.

In 2006, Sue went to Asia and spent time in Tibet, India and Nepal, Burma in various retreats and learning more about Dharma. In 2008, she went to Thailand, returned to lay life and started teaching English as a Second Language. She returned to the USA in 2010.

Sue considers herself very blessed to have Dharma in her life. The slow, gradual transformation has been a bumpy journey, yet a beautiful one, filled with increasing joy and compassion for both herself and others. Her desire is for others to experience this same joy and compassion in their lives.

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