“No-Self No Problem” with Michael Gregory – CO

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Date(s) - August 24th – August 27th
All Day



  • 8/24 6pm:  Aspen Chapel, 77 Meadowood Dr, Aspen
  • 8/25, 5pm: Red Brick Center for the Arts, 110 E Hallam St, Aspen
  • 8/26-27 8am-afternoon: Aspen Public Library, 120 N Mill St, Aspen (breakfast each day at 7am)

What would it be like to be free from fear?

There Is Only One Fear

There are many fears, but essentially they are all derivatives of a single fear – branches of one single tree. The name of this tree is Death.

It is important to realize that all other fears are ultimately subjugated to this one. Because when you know the true root, something can be done to remove all fear once and for all.

If death is the fundamental root of fear, there is only one antidote which can eliminate this fear: The consistent experience of an indestructible deathless consciousness (Sanskrit: Amata-Dhatu). The stable experience of the deepest aspect of conscious awareness is paramount to realization and full enlightenment and is also referred to as fearlessness, or the Lion’s Roar.

Only deep meditation can confidently deliver this transcendent experience consistently and protect you from all fears, including the fear of death – nothing else – neither money, nor power, nor intellectual knowledge, nor devotion for a spiritual tradition or teacher. Only accessing consciousness through deep meditation away from the world of the senses exposes your true nature. These states may be initially accessed through devotion, through chanting, through the breath, etc…but stable confidence happens through joyful concentrated effort and discipline.

Deep Meditation (Sanskrit: Dhyana Pali: Jhana) reveals to you that your body is going to die, that your cognitive mind and your temporal identity will die, but – that a deep awareness exists beyond the mind-body-experience – a timeless existence that is without beginning and without end. By returning to deep states of meditation in time you will become free from fear, anxiety and the felt state of routine calamity being just around the corner.

It has always been, and you have always been in innumerable forms and innumerable lives and you will know this with an experiential and unshakable conviction.

And you will be free from all Doubt and Fear. Once freed from Fear you will be free to live, to be yourself without concern for meeting social conventions or expectations. You will live with integrity – meaning that there will be a beautiful and ongoing coherent relationship between how you think, your speech and how you feel about life and the world around you.

The truth is until you face and let go of the Fear of Death you cannot truly live, and until you forgive yourself for being anything less than your innate pure potential, and until you forgive the circumstances and situations you have put yourself in due to limiting your own unbridled imagination you cannot move forward.

You will be then free to dream, and to truly love limitlessly. And to truly live without parameters – expansive and creative – a life without limitations beyond time and space, beyond the material and immaterial, beyond perception and non-perception is like coming home to your true heart – to your true luminous nature. You will be simply and profoundly grateful just to be.

A year from now you will arrive, the question is where will you be? In fear, or free? Let the dynamic grace of pure presence wash over you like poetry, allow it to bring you to your knees willingly. May you experience that which cannot be named – the deathless, and may you be free from fear.

“I dream of painting and then I paint my dream.” – Vincent Van Gogh

“Why are you so afraid of silence, silence is the root of everything. If you spiral into its void, a hundred voices will thunder messages you long to hear.” – Rumi

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