Carla Hansen

Carla first made an appearance at Summit Dharma Center in Colorado about 10 years ago, looking for a meaningful spiritual practice. At the time, she had no experience outside of a Protestant upbringing, and had no idea of the path she was about to embark upon. After several years of fitful attendance, she found the meaning of the practice in her life, and settled into regular participation and a daily practice, which has included 10 and 12 day retreats, and multiple weekend retreats. She attributes Buddhism to saving her from a self-centered life of discontent. She feels she is growing daily in the practice and is profoundly grateful for the contentment it has brought to her life. She has since opened her heart to the joy of being of assistance to others through sharing the dharma at weekly meetings and in her work and daily life.

Carla’s teaching background includes teaching EMT’s and teaching Tae Kwon Do. She grew up in Minnesota and moved to Colorado in 1989. She currently resides in Summit County, Colorado, with her husband, recently returned from a yoga ashram in India, and 2 cats. She makes a living as a ski patroller, EMT with Summit County Ambulance, and wildlife biologist.