Essential Maintenance and Critical Upgrades at The Florida Retreat Center

Greetings Dear Mindfulness Meditation Center, Members and Friends,

Your financial support is kindly requested

We are requesting your financial support which will allow the repairs and improvements of several essential projects to move forward. Our goal is to raise a total of $35,000 by November 15, 2018. RETREAT CENTER ROOF REPAIR IS AN ESSENTIAL PROJECT AND ANY DELAY WILL LIKELY RESULT IN A MORE SERIOUS AND EXPENSIVE PROJECT! Your generosity and fiscal support is crucial to this project and deeply appreciated. Please make your donation now.

How the funds will be used: The main shrine room/meditation hall ceiling suffers active and profuse water damage when- ever it rains.The roof leaks and the leaks are getting worse.Thanks to the tireless efforts of Florida MMC member Steve Ivan—we have received a professional estimate and are engaging a roofing contractor to repair/replace the roof over the hall.The cost, depending on what is discovered when the existing roof is removed, will be between $16,000 and $20,000. This repair/replacement will be done in two stages.

1- In the next 30-45 days, the main leak over the door to the residence will be repaired.

2- In early 2019, after the rainy season has ended, the entire roofing materials will be remove and rebuilt.This will included sloping the new roof so that the water does not puddle but flows off the roof fixing the drainage and leakage.

• Additional Capital Improvement Projects Include: • Installing an outdoor bathroom fitted with compost toilets between Cabins 1-2-3.

This short list does not preclude other maintenance projects requiring attention, but repairing and replacing the roof over the meditation hall is imperative. We currently have financial commitments from 3 anonymous donors in the amount of $15,000. With your help, the remaining community can match this and reach our goal! **


  • online by clicking here;
  • check by mail to the retreat center 4310 61st Street E. Palmetto, Florida 34221;
  • or make a direct payment in MMC class.

For more project information or to become a volunteer, please Contact Us and mention you'd like to help.

**All funds are placed in a dedicated escrow account for the projects outlined in this letter.

Every gift, large or small, financial or time, is a true practice in generosity. On behalf of our teachers, MMC students and especially our friends in long-term retreat at the Florida center, we thank you for your dedication and devotion to the Dharma.

Thank you,

MMC Sangha Volunteers

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