Donations Urgently Needed

November 2018

“Everything is perfect, but there is a lot of room for improvement.”

- Shunryu Suzuki 

Dear Sangha Member,

Mindfulness Meditation Centers operates solely on a donation basis; it is our only source of funding. All classes, remote and local retreats, recordings, programs, and facilities are supported solely by volunteer time and donations from those who have realized for themselves the benefits of generosity and this practice.

Unfortunately, operations are not sustainable at the current donation level. Your donation is urgently needed now.

There are no wealthy foundations nor wealthy individuals covering MMC operating expenses. In the past 18 months, we’ve made these precious teachings more accessible by investing in video equipment and cloud services managed by local MMC volunteers. We have also undertaken some much needed repairs to the Retreat Center such as repairing the roof and the facilities are now supporting more than a half dozen long term retreatants dedicating all their efforts to realization. But the donations received are not adequate to maintain the organization.

This donation model is traditional and works only when each member of the community integrates their level of clarity and realization with financial generosity -- it will simply fail if we hope that others will carry the financial burden.

Please—honestly examine the value that these rare teachings and this community bring to your life and support them as diligently and regularly as you are able.

HOW TO DONATE: Make your year-end donation now to MMC, a 501c3 organization:

In Metta— 

Thank you—MMC Teachers, and Sangha Volunteers

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