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Interested in becoming MMC member and being able to access our audio and video content, as well as a host of other benefits (see below)? This is the page!

Mindfulness Meditation Centers operate solely on the donations of others. If you would like to participate in the community and reap in its benefits, we encourage you to make a monthly donation that is both meaningful and feasible to you. If you are truly unable to financially contribute, we welcome the opportunity to provide membership at no cost. Please Contact Us to set up your contribution.

Membership offers many benefits:

  • unlimited access to all weekly classes,
  • unlimited access to weekend or one-day retreats,
  • half-off (50%) the cost of long-term (one week or longer) retreats.
  • unlimited access to audio and video downloads,
  • counseling (relationship, drug and alcohol, bereavement, end-of-life) services,
  • meditation assistance,
  • retreat cabin use,
  • library resources, and
  • children's programs.

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